• All the information about the conference will be available online on the congress website, PDF Program, Social Networks and Conference APP.

  • We will enable the online space to download conference documentation.

  • Printed materials will be produced with eco-friendly design and paper, on both sides and with ecological ink.

  • Use of online promotional tools (e.g. online registration, online communication material and resources).

  • No use, or limited and optimized use of printed promotional material.

  • Avoid and limit the distribution of promotional gadgets and gifts (e.g. minimize the number and include eco-friendly criteria). Distributed merchandising made with reused, recycled, ecological or fair-trade materials.


  • Our food choices impact directly on the environment.

  • The catering will be local, they will use only with seasonal plants and vegetables.

  • We will offer a larger choice of plant-based food options since the environmental impacts of meat and dairy are higher than of plant-based dishes.

  • We pay attention to possible different nutritional needs (celiac, diabetics).

  • We avoid plastic items. All the dishes, cutlery and crockery will be made of eco or recycled materials.

  • We care about food waste: our catering will donate leftover food to a local association.

  • The catering will also manage food waste responsibly.


  • We suggest to reach the congress venue on foot, by bike or by public transport, or even by carpooling and car-sharing (ideally of hybrid and electric cars). Please find more accurate information about transportation possibilities in the “Venue” section.

  • The more sustainable way to reach the congress venue if you are outside Barcelona is the train.

  • Please help us compensate for the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from your travel. You can click here to calculate your emissions and compensate them by joining one of these wonderful projects.




  • Less is more!! We work hard to avoid waste and reduce printed material, gadgets, and packaging as much as possible.

  • All materials we will use during the conference will be eco-friendly or recycled (p.e. cotton lanyards, eco cotton bags, NO printed documentation). Raw materials will be obtained, whenever possible, from recycled materials and not from new extraction.

  • We will recycle waste via an appropriate system of waste sorting, collection and recycling.

  • We encourage the delegates to use the separated bins available in the congress venue.

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